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The Potential Applicant. The Majority Of Management Vacancies Are Filled Through Some

The potential applicant. The majority of management vacancies are filled through some form of recommendation; considerably less than half are even advertised online. In the case of many of those which are advertised, a particular candidate is already in view, or the advertisement is designed to gain information about salary levels or what talent is interested in a company and its activities. If you do not carefully plan to use all possible contacts to recommend companies and individuals who may be able to suggest where vacancies exist, you only have yourself to blame if you are operating in what, at the most, is 2-5 per cent of the potential market.

You should equally recognise that the greatest number of management posts exist in the smaller enterprises, many of whom do not know how to tackle the problem of attracting applicants, and who usually leave the search until after the vacancy has occurred. Rousing interest: When you do contact a potential employer, whether through recommendation or advertisement, remember that your first objective is to get an interview.

Realise this and you will set out to arouse sufficient interest to persuade the potential employer that you are someone who appears to understand his problem and meets his basic criteria. Do not try to do more than this. Do it well, do it in a businesslike manner and, above all, do it with care. Remember this will be his first contact with you.

Even at this early stage, he will be forming some impressions about you: you want these to be good. If you have not worked during your University years times are hard and you might not get on a graduate scheme in 2016. Evaluating the vacancy Do everything you possibly can to find out about the job and company both before you apply and after you have been invited to an interview.

Why Waste Both Your And The Potential Employer's Time When You Can

Why waste both your and the potential employer's time when you can yourself establish that the job is not for you? You are only

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All Candidates Should Prepare A Coherent Theme Covering The Prospective Employer's Interests.

All candidates should prepare a coherent theme covering the prospective employer's interests. This requires preparation of the following.

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