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Non - Medical Limits; A Discussion Of: Medical Attendant's Reports, Medical Examination

Non - medical limits; a discussion of: medical attendant's reports, medical examination reports and specialists' and consultants' reports; diseases which may get better; diseases which will remain a constant risk or get worse; diminishing deductions; reconsideration of terms. Company Training Schemes Discussion takes place on the following subjects: premium rates, mortality tables, the effect of loadings on premium rates, medical terminology; respiratory, cardiovascular, urinary and nervous systems; diabetes, epilepsy, thyroid disorders, gastric troubles, medical bureau codes and examination techniques. Field Training Courses Companies also run courses for their field staff: agents, sales inspectors and claims inspectors.

These courses contain considerable detail in practical form, specially designed for field work. As an example, here are the contents of the course for life inspectors with a large insurance company.

PAYE taxation ? Life policies, including various combinations available ? Staff relations ? Capital Transfer tax ? Trusts and intestacy ? Pensions for directors ? Personal retirement policies ? House purchase ? Online Marketing / Social Media ? Visit to chief office life assurance departments ? More advanced field training courses include: ? Changes brought about by budgets ? Pensions ? Business structures and taxation ? Partnerships ? Life underwriting ? Life assurance for the company ? Unit - linked life assurance ? Personal and business taxation ? Partnership and company director assurances ? Changes in legislation affecting personal retirement ? policies Selling techniques The steps in selling Establishing client needs Improvement of staff relations - Human relations Motivating staff Additional Training: Some companies use professional training schemes to complement their own training programmes. The College of Insurance provides general training, while Lloyd's Group Training Scheme runs courses specifically relating to the Lloyd's market. The College of Insurance: The Chartered Insurance Institute (Cii ( ) runs the College of Insurance, based at Churchill Court, Sevenoaks, Kent. The College is equipped to a high standard and has a team of highly qualified staff which is supplemented by visiting lecturers, all of whom are recognised experts in their own fields. College courses vary in length from one to six weeks and are provided at various levels in a wide range of insurance subjects.

Lloyd's Group Training Scheme: In 2016, The Committee Of Lloyd's Set Up

Lloyd's Group Training Scheme: In 2016, the Committee of Lloyd's set up Lloyd's Training Centre to provide training, specifically oriented to the Lloyd's environment, for those w

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You must understand and know your skills and concentrate your efforts on those areas of opportunity where these are most likely to make a contribution to solving a

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