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Management Services Division: This Division Normally Includes Several Departments Such As Computers,

Management Services Division: This division normally includes several departments such as computers, management services, and organisation and methods. The insurance industry employs the greatest concentration of computer technology used in the UK. These are specialist fields consisting largely of people with skills as computer programmers, computer operators, systems analysts, and experts on organisation and methods, working as a team studying the development of computers and other office machinery, such as 'on queue' visual display units and word processing units, which are coming more and more into play as automation develops. Recruits may be A level or graduate standard, without previous experience in this area.

Training schemes aim to teach proficiency in programming techniques. Specialist Career Fields in Insurance - Overseas Divisions: These departments are always based at head office in London. Insurance companies insure risks in all parts of the world, and insurance activities in underwriting, sales and claims are similar to those in the home division.

Dentist on the other hand are paid disproportionately high salaries when compared to junior doctors working within the NHS. Private dentists that offer cosmetic treatments are paid considerable more than their public sector counterparts. More on dentistry.

In addition, the international risks division ensures standardisation of insurance cover for international organisations. There may be overseas employment opportunities in international reinsurance: Recruits are expected to have a minimum of two A levels, although those with six GCSEs might be considered. A basic knowledge of one or more of French, German, Italian or Spanish could be an advantage.

Graduates may also be recruited to this area. Working Overseas: Preference is given to staff who have qualified with approximately three years' service, although transfer abroad can take place at various levels of career progression, even at senior level. Most entrants into this field spend a large proportion of their time at head office, which has responsibility for controlling and monitoring overseas interests in their activities abroad. The following notes give some idea of the possible career paths. (a) Comparatively junior staff will be trained in head office techniques in an overseas division and can progress to senior position by way of normal career development, becoming responsible for specific areas of the world.

(b) Staff Who Reach Executive Level Could Become Involved In Frequent Overseas

(b) Staff who reach executive level could become involved in frequent overseas visits to the areas of their responsibility. (c) Some staff, usually with company representative

The 'bubble Act' Of 1720 Restricted The Provision Of Insurance, Although The

The 'Bubble Act' of 1720 restricted the provision of insurance, although the King later granted charters to the Royal Exchange Assurance and the Lo

The Policy And Slip Are Then Sent To Lloyd's Policy Signing Office

The policy and slip are then sent to Lloyd's Policy Signing Office (LPSO). This Company department first examines the documentation to check for any possible error