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Stone Manor - (b) The Accumulated Savings Of Individuals Forming The Life Funds, Pensions Funds

(b) The accumulated savings of individuals forming the life funds, pensions funds and unit trusts which the company administers. There are two major areas of investment: Stock Exchange securities and property investment. Stock Exchange Investment: This is a very specialised area in investment, and intake is usually at graduate level in disciplines such as mathematics, economics, statistics, accountancy and business studies. Normally, candidates will join as trainee investment analysts.

The analysts monitor material produced by stock - companies which may be suitable for future purchases. Various disciplines are used: for example statistics, finance, economics and accountancy.

Professional qualifications are provided by the Society of Investment Analysts, and further information is available in Part 2. Property Investment in the Estate Management Department: Companies do not limit their investments to the Stock Market, and place their money in property and advertisement areas by way of outright purchase of property or lending money in the form of mortgages. Staff in this area naturally require property expertise and also include surveyors whose responsibility is to survey risks from the point of view of property values, to assist in purchasing decisions, and to be able to control building alterations to properties owned by the companies.

Recruits to this department will be expected to have degrees in estate management, surveying or architecture and may continue to take professional qualifications, such as Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects, or Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Administration and Accounts: There are two different kinds of accounting departments in insurance companies. There are specialist departments which require no knowledge of insurance, and account administration departments where a general insurance knowledge is necessary.

For Example, Staff In The Finance And Audit Departments Are Normally Qualified

For example, staff in the finance and audit departments are normally qualified accountants, whose duties include financial accounting, internal auditing, control

Management Services Division: This Division Normally Includes Several Departments Such As Computers,

Management Services Division: This division normally includes several departments such as computers, management services, and organisation and methods. The insura

(b) Staff Who Reach Executive Level Could Become Involved In Frequent Overseas

(b) Staff who reach executive level could become involved in frequent overseas visits to the areas of their responsibility. (c) Some staff, usually with company representative and digi