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Stone Manor - During This Time I Was Studying For Actuarial Qualifications Through A Correspondence

During this time I was studying for actuarial qualifications through a correspondence course, getting two half - days day - release a week. I took eight years to qualify, which is longer than average, but it's difficult to study when you're working in an office during the day. Now I'm qualified I'll get more involved in office work and progress more quickly.

I work in the life digital marketing department now, and I aim to get as much experience as possible so that in five years I hope to be in a senior position. Pensions Management The provision of pensions and other benefits by employers is becoming an increasingly important part of the wage packet. The pensions department of a life insurance company is concerned with administration of pensions and also the provision of advice to pension fund managers and employers whose schemes are arranged with that company.

The Pensions Management Institute is the only professional body providing a nationally recognised qualification. Investment: Insurance companies manage large sums of money which must be invested. These sums are made up of: (a) Reserves, provisions and shareholders' capital re - required as backing for general insurance business.

(b) The Accumulated Savings Of Individuals Forming The Life Funds, Pensions Funds

(b) The accumulated savings of individuals forming the life funds, pensions funds and unit trusts which the company administers. There are two major

For Example, Staff In The Finance And Audit Departments Are Normally Qualified

For example, staff in the finance and audit departments are normally qualified accountants, whose duties include financial accounting, internal auditing, co

Management Services Division: This Division Normally Includes Several Departments Such As Computers,

Management Services Division: This division normally includes several departments such as computers, management services, and organisation and methods. The insurance industry employs