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Stone Manor - They Are Employed By Brokers Or By Independent Firms Of Adjusters Who

They are employed by brokers or by independent firms of adjusters who have branches throughout the country. There are also good chances of working abroad.

All adjusters have the use of a company car, and recruits start on a salary of about 0,500. They can expect to be earning £211,000 after obtaining their qualifications. The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters is the professional body and runs exams leading to qualification.

Actuaries: The actuarial profession is relatively small. At present there are only about 3,500 actuaries employed in this country. Of these, 70 per cent are employed by insurance companies and 15 per cent are consulting actuaries. Actuarial work concerns the use of the mathematical theory of probability and statistical techniques to solve financial problems. It is the basis of life insurance as it provides statistical analysis of mortality, investment return and costs, allowing the correct calculation of premiums.

Actuaries will normally be trained in the life department of an insurance company, but may also work in the following areas: investment, general insurance, planning and research, and reinsurance. Consulting Actuaries: There are several firms of actuaries in full - time consulting practice.

They May Advise Small Or Recently Established Life Companies, And, Generally, Their

They may advise small or recently established life companies, and, generally, their services are available wherever independent actuarial advice is

During This Time I Was Studying For Actuarial Qualifications Through A Correspondence

During this time I was studying for actuarial qualifications through a correspondence course, getting two half - days day - release a week. I took eig

(b) The Accumulated Savings Of Individuals Forming The Life Funds, Pensions Funds

(b) The accumulated savings of individuals forming the life funds, pensions funds and unit trusts which the company administers. There are two major

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