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That took up the morning, and in the afternoon I interviewed the witnesses of an industrial accident and took a statement. Then I visited the scene of a road accident, took photographs and drew a plan. Jobs in Insurance You get to be cynical dealing with claims, because you have to question everything, as people will say anything to get money. You have to be secretive and find ways of checking everything, preferably without the client finding out.

You also have to be able to strike up a rapport with anyone, because you meet so many people. I've just been promoted to the Liverpool claims bureaux as a Superintendent, which is a junior management position inside the office. I like working in the field, but I'd prefer to back to head office as a Superintendent as there are opportunities there to move into management. Surveying Surveyors examine potential and existing risks on behalf of underwriters in order that the correct premiums can be calculated, adequate protection installed and appropriate steps taken to reduce potential losses. A surveyor must combine sound experience of insurance with technical knowledge of all forms of building construction and the processes carried on in factories and work - plants.

The surveyor prepares reports and plans of the 'risks' surveyed for the underwriter to examine and is often consulted by the underwriter for views and recommendations on how to minimise these risks. Surveyors are usually recruited from qualified advertisement liability underwriting staff with three years' underwriting experience.

Alternatively, some graduates may be recruited directly to this kind of position. These are the relevant degree subjects: estate management, maths, sciences and engineering.

Case Study: Wayne is 24 and has a degree in Chemical Physics. He was recruited directly into a surveying position with an insurance company, and describes his job as follows: When I joined the company I was based at head office in order to get a general background to insurance.

I Was Mainly Reading Through Reports And Learning The Administration Side Of

I was mainly reading through reports and learning the administration side of the job. I was sent on three Cii ( courses - one a general introduction, the seco

Specialist Career Fields: Loss Adjusting Loss Adjusters Or Assessors Act On Behalf

Specialist Career Fields: Loss Adjusting Loss adjusters or assessors act on behalf of insurers in the settlement of fire and accident losses. Average adjusters deal with t

They Are Employed By Brokers Or By Independent Firms Of Adjusters Who

They are employed by brokers or by independent firms of adjusters who have branches throughout the country. There are also good chances of work