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Stone Manor - Most Recruits Will Be Put On A General Trainee Programme, And, After

Most recruits will be put on a general trainee programme, and, after acquiring experience of various areas of insurance, will move on to claims. Jobs in Insurance - Case Study: Jane is 20 and works in a City claims department, mainly dealing with motor claims.

She was brought up in London, where she attended a grammar school and got nine GCSEs and two A levels. She describes her job: ?I was very lucky in that when I started I was put opposite a lady who was good at training and showed me how to do a claim form, who to make payments to, and how to make out cheques. We deal with all types of claims except aviation and marine, but I mainly handle motor claims.? We put each new claim on to the computer and give it a reference number.

Then we deal with our files and answer phone calls from brokers or clients, who, particularly in relation to household and motor insurance, deal directly with us. I like dealing with the public and trying to help them. The average person knows nothing about insurance and does not understand the policy, and it can be very sad sometimes, when you have to explain that they are not covered. You have to cope with people who might be a bit aggravated, and you've got to be patient and put yourself in their place, and make yourself think 'How would I feel if my car had been . . You have to be able to express yourself clearly, and sound confident even if you're not.

When we check a claim we look up all the information on the computer or in the file, and if there is any sort of query we have to get all the papers out. Claims inspectors look at the circumstances and then report back to us. If there is a big loss we send the file to a loss adjuster to investigate on our behalf.

We settle if everything is OK. We have quite a bit of responsibility, as we draw cheques, and our emails are not checked over. The inside staff are supported by field staff, known as claims inspectors. They will probably have been trained as claims handlers, and will have thorough experience of general insurance and claims work.

Case Study - a claims inspector: Billy is 29 and works as a claims inspector in Birmingham. He was born in Oxfordshire and got eight GCSEs and two A levels at grammar school before going to London University, where he read geography. His career illustrates the rapid progress that may be made by trainees, particularly if they are willing to be mobile. I started as a trainee in the Bournemouth branch, which is very small.

There Were Probably Six Staff In Each Of The Fire, Motor, Accident

There were probably six staff in each of the fire, motor, accident and life insurance departments, and most of our claims were dealt with through the local claims bureaux. I kn

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That took up the morning, and in the afternoon I interviewed the witnesses of an industrial accident and took a statement. Then I visited the scene

I Was Mainly Reading Through Reports And Learning The Administration Side Of

I was mainly reading through reports and learning the administration side of the job. I was sent on three Cii ( courses - one a general introduction, the second on burg