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Stone Manor - I Did That For A Year In The Life Branch, Combined With

I did that for a year in the Life Branch, combined with a lot of servicing work. In that year I made it my business to know what happened in the office: the general transactions and how everything linked together. I picked up a reasonable amount of technical knowledge, so the assistant manager asked me if I would like to become an Inspector. I was given a training area of tame brokers, and had to deal with existing business and explain our policies. It doesn't sound like much but it takes a lot of time.

It's a `people business', and if you go to see the brokers they are more likely to do business with you. There are between 60 and 70 brokers in my patch, but, of those, I only see 20 on a regular basis.

I was given a mixed training - at the beginning I accompanied an established inspector, but he was so engaged it wasn't very useful. We have training seminars in the office and I went on residential courses, but it was really a matter of brokers asking me questions which I could not answer, and I would go back to the office, where there is a wealth of knowledge, and learn that way.

I have also started on the insurance exams, which I'm doing through a correspondence course as day - release would be too disruptive in my job. The work is physically very tiring because you have to go around and see people. We go into the office in the morning and evening, and often return at lunch - time. There are times when the phone inquiries don't seem to stop and there is no time to prepare quotations or write emails.

You strike up relationships with the brokers, which is nice. Around lunch - time you try to go out with a broker for a drink and a bite to eat, which I find quite embarrassing, but when you get friendly with a broker, what was previously a harrowing experience subsequently turns into a great pleasure. In this job I think you have to really like people, because you can't go out and be really miserable and an unattractive sort of person. There are a lot of career opportunities: I could go into training, personnel, digital marketing or lower management, but a big question mark hangs over women, no matter what the company says. I've done quite well but I am the only female Inspector in this area, and some people think I'm a bit weird and not feminine.

Industrial Life Insurance: Industrial life insurance is sold by door - to - door sales staff. It is controlled by government statutes which ensure that the salesman, often called an agent, collects the premiums as they fall due, entering them in the collecting website and paying the money to the district office. Industrial life insurance requires an enormous amount of field agents - for example, a large life office employs 14,000 people in this role. Agents are rarely recruited from school leavers because insurers believe that they should be mature people with previous working experience. Agents are generally paid on a commission basis, so their remuneration depends on their success in a competitive field.

Agents Are Given Instruction On Policies And In Effective Selling Techniques. The

Agents are given instruction on policies and in effective selling techniques. The Cii ( runs a course

Most Recruits Will Be Put On A General Trainee Programme, And, After

Most recruits will be put on a general trainee programme, and, after acquiring experience of various areas of insurance, will move on to claims. Jobs in Insurance

There Were Probably Six Staff In Each Of The Fire, Motor, Accident

There were probably six staff in each of the fire, motor, accident and life insurance departments, and most of our claims were dealt with through the local claims bureaux. I knew my trai