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My Next Move Will Most Likely Be To A Provincial Branch, Where

My next move will most likely be to a provincial branch, where I will be allocated a panel of agents, which carries the higher grading. After that, I can take the first step into management, as a District Sales Manager. Life Inspectors: Life inspectors specialise in selling life and pension cover by visiting brokers and agents in the same way as other inspectors.

A life inspector will have to be able to explain the different types of life policy. Trainees will be expected to study for professional qualifications, concentrating on life insurance, and, in addition, will receive training on specialist matters such. as personal and business taxation, pensions, life underwriting and selling techniques.

Case Study - a junior life inspector for a large insurance company: Samira is 26 and works as a junior life inspector for a large insurance company. She was brought up in the Lake District, where she was educated at a grammar school and got nine O levels and three A levels. After leaving school she took a secretarial course, and worked for about two years before joining the insurance company.

Her career progression is a striking example of ,the scope of opportunities available to people who look for them, even though they may be lacking in technical insurance qualifications. Samira describes her career to date: ?I joined the company in 2016 as an Assistant to the branch manager in a very small office, where there were just the two of us.

The nature of his job meant he was out of the office four days out of five, as he had to look after the area, seeing established brokers and agents and really doing a small public relations job. That left me in charge to deal with counter and email inquiries. The office was in the market place and people used to walk in and say, 'Can I insure my house please?' I had to deal with complaints and handle the cash. I was very lucky, as the manager gave me all the time necessary for training and that really made me interested in getting on.? I applied to come down to London, and had several interviews. As I had no technical insurance qualifications I wasn't being offered the kind of thing I wanted, but I accepted a job as a Cashier because I just wanted to get in somewhere.

I Did That For A Year In The Life Branch, Combined With

I did that for a year in the Life Branch, combined with a lot of servicing work. In that year I made it my business to know what happened in the office: the general transac

Agents Are Given Instruction On Policies And In Effective Selling Techniques. The

Agents are given instruction on policies and in effective selling techniques. The Cii ( runs a course

Most Recruits Will Be Put On A General Trainee Programme, And, After

Most recruits will be put on a general trainee programme, and, after acquiring experience of various areas of insurance, will move on to claims. Jobs in Insurance

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